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The AED Foundation enhances the success of AED member companies by encouraging continuous learning, providing educational opportunities for today's employees and improving the quantity and quality of available employees for the future.

Just as a coach values momentum for the spark it gives the team, The AED Foundation wants to capitalize on momentum from new programs that promise dramatic results for our industry.

The development of quality training programs has given momentum to fill the training needs of the members of the Associated Equipment Distributors. They are converting into services that promise to yield a handsome return on investment for the industry in general, and in particular for those who have directly supported the foundation. Examples:
  • Education programs to support all facets of Management
  • On-Line University for Equipment Distributors
  • A Major Boost to Our Industry's Image
  • Attracting Top-notch Technical Talent
These programs have common characteristics. Each is a new program that is building, growing, serving new needs and providing results that were only a gleam in the foundation's eye five years ago. Further, all reflect the industry education and workforce development objectives in the foundation's mission. The real heroes behind the momentum created thus far are the investors who have made the workforce development programs possible, and the participants in educational events who fuel the foundation's ongoing delivery of professional training programs.

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