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    "We have 40 pieces of equipment ready to work. This would translate into 120 employees."

    West Palm Beach, Florida

    "Farallon Company needs to put the employees back to work. Hurry with the work."

    Novato, California

    StartUsUpUSA.com - Testimonials

    "Obviously the housing market has slowed to an almost complete stop. Now commercial work such as high rises, warehouses, and shopping centers are going in the same direction. A great way to jump start the middle class would be through bridge, road, and DOT work. A lot of people are not hopeful right now and are looking for some positives."

    Tampa, Florida

    "Most of our machines are idle, we have about 250 machines, in the last year our equipment run average of 12% for the entire year............. We need help"

    Santa Ana, California

    StartUsUpUSA.com - Testimonials

    "I am the president of a medium sized heavy construction contractor that has been in business for 20 years in California. We are currently struggling to survive. Our work is primarily in the aggregate mining industry doing support work for the companies that sell asphalt, concrete, sand and gravel to build our infrastructure. I have a long history of employing over 75 highly skilled craftsmen and women performing this work, and our skilled workers average $60,000 to $80,000 per year. These are good jobs for good people to raise their families with. Due to the current economic conditions, our customers sales have dropped to levels not seen in over 40 years. This has caused them to cut our contract work, as well as their own employees. Out of a workforce of 75, my company has 16 employees left, and likely to lose more, and possibly close our doors if the sales of these materials for use on our roads, bridges, ports, and throughout the infrastructure do not increase. My company has a fleet of over 70 pieces of heavy equipment, and over 60 pieces are idled due to these conditions. This is capacity that will be able to go to work soon after the money starts to flow to these vital infrastructure projects here in California. These are also jobs that can not be outsourced, like many manufacturing jobs can and will. The money for these goods and services stays here and supports our local economy. I would encourage the Washington lawmakers to back getting the economy going again from the ground up, with projects that can and will put us back to work now, and create lasting productivity gains for the future generations."

    Respectfully Submitted
    McLaughlin Engineering and Mining, Inc.
    Temecula, California

    StartUsUpUSA.com - Testimonials

    "We have 11 employees and all are laid off. We have 16 pieces of equipment and all are parked."

    Holland, Michigan

    "We have our entire fleet of equipment setting right now... We have consistenly done 4 million dollars of work the past 5 years and have currently on the books only $300,000.00. Every other contractor that we work with is in the same situation. The private sector work is gone... Something needs to happen soon!!!!"

    Boulder, Montana

    "We are a road construction company employing approximately 500 people. In the last quarter of 2008 we were forced to reduce our employment by 35% and park 1/3 of our equipment fleet. We are ready and able to bring these employees back to work, if work is made available."

    Macon, Georgia

    "The lack of work is killing us. The big players have no larger work so they come down and flood our traditional projects, driving the prices so low that no one will make money. You can buy a job. Everyone loses! a Winston-Salem, NC customer told his saleman."

    Winston-Salem, North Carolina

    "We need the work now to get started. America needs you to pass the highway bill so we can feed our families. I have no fear of hard work, but we need the jobs to do so. Please pass this soon."

    Respectfully Submitted
    Marty Allman
    Orlando , FL

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